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May 12, 2008

My Little Daughter & Fruits Season

Salam sejahtera,

Just came back from Machang, Kelantan visiting my little daughter Ainul Mardhiah. So happy then see my daughter now can crawling. She is so sweet, and so smart. Will put her photo soon when it's ready.

Now, in Kelantan is a some fruits season especially durian, salak,rambutan and a few more. What i want to share is about salak fruit.It was so interesting when i went to my brothers' salak area which i can harvest salak fruit on my own. More interesting is i've to avoid make sure to injured by the salak trees' duri. But very amazing experience because before this i never had this kind ofexperience about salak fruit.

Before we left from Machang to Kuala Lumpur, we went to Pasar called Pasar Isnin. Anything sell there from variation of traditional Kelantan's food, clothes, scarf(which i already bought one, tudung bawa la....so cheap...).

So, after "threw" some money there,with utilized our car boot(in fact no space at all), we hoping to going back again...and again..


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