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April 16, 2008

Millionaires are from a different Planet? Part I

Part I

"A rich man is one who isn't afraid to ask the salesman to show him something cheaper"

The secret to wealth and happiness

Would you like to know the secret both financial freedom and also happiness? Would you like to know the one single thing that will solve your financial worries and at the same time, bring joy into your world? You would? Well, get ready. I'll reveal this magic potion.

Ready? This is it - live within your means.
Live within your means; this is the key to both happiness and financial freedom. I mean it. It's neither a joke nor an attempt at dry humour. Live within our means. That is the first thing to do to achieve both happiness and freedom from financial problems.

Though it's very basic and very simple, most people cannot do it. Instead, most people will do all they can to live beyond what they earn. whatever they make, they spend all that and then more. This leads to a guarenteed catastrophic ending - financial disaster and misery.

But what does living within your means mean?
A few things. Fist, it means that whatever your income is, spend less than that every month;Second,is to buy only things that you can really afford, i.e.,without overextending your financial resources; and finally, to accept that there are things you will have to do without.

If you can do all three, then you're home free. You are wealthy becuase you'll always have money. Further, you are free from debts and therefore escape from the heavy burden of paying interests. Best of all,you are also a lot happier than those people who are up to their ears in debts. At the same time, you can still enjoy most, if not all, the material goods that everyone else is enjoying.

Living within one's means is not just necessary for financial freedom but also critical to happiness. If you make a million dollar a month but spend one point one million, you're heading towards the same rocky road as those guys making thousand and spending two.While you may be happy spending all that money noe, it'll come to an end, sooner than later. When the bills, legal letters and court proceedings start, you can say goodbye to happiness. Not exactly a place where the sun always shine. No happy faces here.

Dr. david G. Myers wrote about the relationship of wealth and happiness in his excellent book The Pursuit of Happiness. He revealed that studies conducted all over the world imply that there are two ways to be rich: "One is to have great wealth. The other is to have few wants". Isn't that great? You can live within your means, have few wants, and be both rich ad happy.

Next article will be about Concentrate on substance soon....

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