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April 18, 2008

Tugasan Individu : Pengaturcaraan C++

Write a program that plays the game of ‘Polite Student’. Your program should prompt the user to enter the
following input data:
• Your lecturer name
• Your name
• A food name
• A number between 100 and 120
• An adjective (e.g. beautiful, cute, lovely, etc)
• A color
• An animal
After the data are entered, they should substituted into the story below and output to the console.

Dear Lecturer [Lecturer_Name]
I am sorry that I am unable to turn in my assignment at this time.
First, I ate a rotten [Food], which made me turn [Color] and
extremely ill. I came down with a fever of [Number 100-120] degree.
Next, my [Adjective] pet [Animal] must have smelled the remains of
the [Food] on my assignment, because he ate it. I am currently
rewritting my assignment and hope you will accept it late.

**Submission date : 3 May 2008 (Source code - hardcopy)


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